Destiny of Manufacturing – EP 0206 Robert Johnson – Dart Container

Destiny of Manufacturing – EP 0206 Robert Johnson – Dart Container

Robert is an IT Project Manager for Dart Container Corporation in Mason MI. More than 10 years of IT Project Management cumulative business management theory, technical evaluation, projects implementation and practical knowledge applied to local and international enterprise organizations, planning and execution assignments in accordance to Project Management Institute PMBOK.

My first experience with FIRST was in the year 2000. I was on the Long Range Planning Committee for the Society of Manufacturing Engineers for the Michigan. FIRST robotics competition and event stood out in my mind as a great way to get high school students involved with senior manufacturing industry

My son has become a leader and is studying Mechanical Engineering at Michigan Technological University.

The spring 2018 I was asked if we could add a team at the Elementary level. I started asking the students and teachers and soon realized we had enough to start a team. The spring went by very fast and it was early August when I was invited to display and present robotics at the Smart Start school kickoff event. A couple mentors got together and prepared packets for the Elementary and the High School. I presented information at the Elementary and one other mentor presented at the High School. I think I gave out 42 packets of information and she gave out 48 at the High School.

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