Destiny of Manufacturing Ep 0302 -Trever Ehrlich Kenco Logistics

Trever Ehrlich Kenco Logistics

Trever Ehrlich, Creative Solutions Manager, Kenco Management Services, LLC is a technologist with a passion for bringing innovation to logistics. As a core member of the Kenco Innovation Labs, he researches new ideas and develops prototypes, exploring ways to add value for customers. He recently led a successful mobile app prototype deployment and manages interactive digital signage and augmented reality projects. Research involvement includes 3D printing, gamification and drones. Prior to work in the Labs, his career has been in IT and business intelligence. He holds a Computer Science degree (2005) as well as an MBA (2010) from Southern Adventist University, Tennessee. He lives in Chattanooga, Tennessee with his wife and sons.

Longevity Industries, Destiny of Manufacturing, Dean Phillips, Kenco Logistics, Trever Ehrlich, Blockchain, Robots, Autonomous Vehicles, SAP, ERP

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