Destiny of Manufacturing EP 0418 – Mont Handley – PittMoss

Destiny of Manufacturing EP 0418 – Mont Handley – PitMoss
Mont Handley is the Founder/Inventor of PittMoss a ten-year-old startup and Plantennas, his latest venture designed to use robots and automation in growing facilities and greenhouses.  He has served as the Associate Director and Entrepreneur in Residence at Purdue University Northwest Commercialization and Manufacturing Excellence Center for the past five years.  In the role he has earned grant awards to assist PNW students and local residents to patent and prototype their inventions and, most recently, earned funds to prove the concept of automated and robotic run greenhouses.  
Mont and his product, PittMoss, were featured on ABC Television’s Shark Tank (April 2015) and his pitch netted $1,160,000.00 from Mark Cuban and a group of Pittsburgh investors.  
Mont’s success in building a one-of-a-kind manufacturing facility in the Pittsburgh region were featured on ABC’s Beyond the Tank (April 2016).  Mont retains a board seat and is a significant shareholder of the company he founded and is in the fund-raising process again with his next venture

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