Destiny of Manufacturing EP 0507 – Rodney Grover – InStride

VP, Corporate Partnerships Global Industrial Market InStride

Joining InStride in 2019, Rodney is responsible for leadingdevelopment of InStride’s workforce education and skills strategies in the Manufacturing and Industrial vertical. Rodney supports InStride’s manufacturing partners’ leadership in their journey to build, grow and maintain askilled workforce through “an emotional connection to talent.”

Rodney began his career as a welding engineer and machinist on the plant floor of a third-generation family business. Since then, he has progressed to lead strategic manufacturing operations for companies serving the automotive, aerospace, and durable goods markets, while building industrial workforce strategies through his volunteer leadership and his work at InStride.  

2001 Rodney began volunteering as a mentor to the next generation at SME. 2011, joined the SME Education Foundation where he led the launch of P.R.I.M.E – Partnership Response in Manufacturing Education. Today, his work influences more than 100,000 high school students annually and leverages relationships with major manufacturing companies throughout North America.

Certified Manufacturing Engineer (CMfgE), Sandler Sales Certified, Pacific Institute Certified, and has served on the board of National Heritage Academies as Board President. He is currently the Board Chair of CHAMPION now

Destiny of Manufacturing EP 0507 - Rodney Grover -  InStride, gives us insight into whether a company will survive by using culture show art

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