Destiny of Manufacturing EP 0509 – Bob Iossi –

Bob has 40 years of experience in the Industrial & Commercial Machinery Automation and Robotics Business. He started with Caterpillar where he gained his machine knowledge and expanded his experience in Electrical/Electronic Engineering with Allen-Bradley/Reliance Electric, now Rockwell Automation for 25 years of starting as a Field Engineer, Applications Engineer, Systems Engineer, Project Management, Engineering Manager and then Business Operations Director. After building their Systems Integrator Business to $50M Bob took an early retirement offer.  

He then joined PICO Tool Automotive Line Supplier to commercially engineer and manage the Ford Jellybean to 500 model and then to the Taurus in Chicago for 3 years. Bob then took up the idea that he could help Systems Integrators with their sales efforts in the Chicagoland Area, so he started working with multiple different Systems Integrators with different expertise for the last 12 years in the Chicagoland Area and now Better by Design, LLC in Delavan, WI for custom machines and automation as their Technical Sales Engineer. Bob is also currently the Chairman of SME in Chicagoland.

Unique Projects I have been involved in during my 40 year career:

  • Caterpillar RNC/DNC Communication Project for CNC’s to talk directly to the ERP and transmit directions to and from the Production Floor, serial 4-20ma
  • John Deere Harvester/ESAB Heath Flame Cutting – Engineered first flame cutting CNC system. Designed kerf compensation to control flame pitch for welding.
  • W.A. Whitney/ Allen-Bradley Richland Center, WI CNC Punch Press for Sheet Metal Facility Integration
  • Inland Steel, East Chicago, IL – Commercial Lead/Project Manager/Engineer – Galvanizing Hot Dip 48″ Continuous Steel Processing Line using A-B High HP AC Drives and PLC’s
  • McClain/Lockheed/Boeing – Wichita, KS R & D F22 Strike Fighter – Proved Robot Anti-reflectant wing material (stretched) Concept – stretching  consistency of a wet potato chip
  • Harley-Davidson, Kansas City, MO – Sold, Engineered and Project Managed Robotic and Vision Frame Welding System
  • Maytag/Whirlpool, Herrin, IL – Sold, Designed, Delivered Stamping Press Tending Material Handling Automation on old mechanical Presses using Robot Tending
  • McDonalds/Schreiber Foods – Monet, MO – $2.25M + Project Ronald Clean-Label Continuous Natural Cheese Line – Process, Slicing, Packaging and Cold Warehousing
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