Destiny of Manufacturing EP 0602 – Will Healy – Universal Robots

Destiny of Manufacturing EP 0602 – Will Healy – Universal Robots

Will Healy III is enthusiastic about manufacturing, technology and workforce development. A Purdue University mechanical engineer who loves to share his passion for automation, Will is a global leader at Universal Robots and with the Advanced Manufacturing Industry Partnership (AMIP) in Cincinnati. He speaks from personal experience about people-centric technology investments, managing culture change in organizations, bridging the manufacturing skills gap and creating value through automation. With more than 17 years of experience in a variety of industries including automotive, packaging, food & beverage, metal fabrication, welding and more; Will is widely published, has been a podcast guest & panelist and has presented internationally at a variety of industry conferences. Follow Will on YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn with the handle WillAutomate.

 Contact Information

Work cell: +1-513-401-2061

work email: [email protected]

Location: Cincinnati, OH 45244, USA


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