EP-110 Peter Coates Hybrid Mfg Technologies


Peter Coates has worked in the machine tool sector since 1979, working with companies based in the UK, Europe, USA and Australia. With extensive experience in both in both mechanical and electrical / electronic systems, Peter has master-minded the integration of a wide variety of electromechanical innovations into production environments including machine tools, robots and other automation platforms.

In 2001, following two years of successfully developing an automated high speed machining production process for a well-known multinational company, Peter set up Precision Engineering Technologies which provided service repair and support for machine tool end users, including CNC control upgrades and specialty machine development. Peter’s involvement in collaborative research and development projects led to his co-founding Hybrid Manufacturing Technologies in 2012, and serves as CTO where he is rigorously implementing the next generation of digitally-driven multi-tasking technologies.